Secret Mascara Application

When I started dating Sam, I was insecure about a lot of things, one of them being my eyelashes. They are essentially transparent without mascara on them and I’ve always been acutely aware of this.

Every night that he stayed over, I would do my evening routine while talking to him from the bathroom and at one part, the same part most nights, I would close the door. Ooh so sneaky.

One night, before I closed the door, he commented “Oh, here comes the part of the routine I’m not allowed to see.” He’s observant and I love that.

Do you know what I was doing during this part of the routine? I was applying mascara. Every. Night. I didn’t want him to see me without mascara, maybe ever if I could avoid it.

We’re well past that stage these days and I laugh thinking about it now. Happy Valentine’s Day, all you lovers! Enjoy your day, with or without mascara!  

Addison Cain